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    Disclaimer) These rules are not an exhaustive list of all punishable offences. Any rules listed here may change without notice. The excuse “I didn’t know that was against the rules” will not be tolerated. Staff have full discretion over punishments and their decision is final. If you believe their decision was unfair feel free to appeal it in the forums.

    1) Harassment: The act of continuously badgering or pestering another player or staff member.
    2) Spamming/Excessive Caps: Repetitively posting the same message in general chat or posting random characters and letters. Posting messages with excessive capitals is prohibited. Talking in other languages in general chat is considered spam (common phrases such as "Bonjour" do not count).
    3) Sensitive Information Releases: Sharing someone’s personal information without their consent.
    4) Inappropriate Content: This is a friendly community where young children play as well, keep all content PG rated.
    5) Threats/Suggestive Comments: Any statement that suggests that harm will or should come to someone in real life.
    6) Advertisements: Advertising other Minecraft servers through chat or any means affiliated with Phasmophobia. Saying the name of other servers is considered advertising.
    7) Staff impersonation: Pretending to be a staff member when you are not, or claiming to be a different staff member than you are. This includes but is not limited to saying you are, as well as changing a name to match that of a staff member.
    8) Abusing Glitches/Bugs/Exploits: The usage of any bug or exploit found in the game.
    9) Malicious Links: Any link designed to take someone’s personal information or to install malware on someone else’s machine.
    10) DDos/DoX: Threatening to attack Phasmophobia’s servers or other users’ internet, threatening to release other users’ information.
    11) Illegal Modification/Hacked Clients: Any modification of your game which give an unfair advantage in gameplay. Contact a staff member to see if a certain modification is legal. Schematica and Printer are both legal. World Downloader and Replay Mod are not.
    12) No more than 5 accounts per player.
    13) VPNs and similar are against the rules, and will get you banned if caught using one.
    14) Threats against the server (such as Dos and DDos threats) are illegal and bannable.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.