Season 2: Release information!

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    Phasmophobia Factions

    Releasing 4pm January 1st American Eastern Standard Time

    The server currently is having a %50 off sale!


    FTOP Prizes:

    1st: $50 Paypal

    2nd: $30 Buycraft

    3rd: $20 Buycraft

    7th: $1 Buycraft

    (A faction can only take one prize, if a faction splits to gain more of the prize money they will only receive the top prize the combined factions won)

    VoteTop Prizes:

    1st: $10 Buycraft

    2nd: $5 Buycraft

    World Border:

    Overworld: 5k

    Nether: 5k

    End: 5k​

    Important Features:

    Base Features:

    7 day grace period where TNT, creeper eggs and withers will not work.

    Genbuckets can be obtained via the command /iw buy <cobblestone/obsidian/sand> <amount>. Cobblestone genbuckets cost $10,000, obsidian gen buckets cost $50,000 and sand genbuckets cost $100,000.

    Silverfish drop emeralds and have a very low chance of dropping Iron Golem Spawners.

    The bedrock in all worlds is flat.

    The Nether is disabled.

    Withers can be spawned in all worlds.

    Obsidian takes four explosions to break, bedrock takes five hundred.

    Trench Pickaxes (5x5x5), Sellwands and Nukes (Chunkbusters) are now available in /buy!


    Each player has FREE access to /echest as well as free access to /f fly.

    Each player has access to /level which, in exchange for xp, increases all enchantment levels on the held item by one. All enchantments cap at 100, unless is is unnecessary for them to go higher.

    MobCoins have a %5 chance of being dropped by blazes only, and you can buy ranks, keys and silverfish spawners with them using /mc.

    If you ever need help with commands go /help!


    Envoys spawn every hour on the hour. 100 chests will spawn around spawn and you have five minutes to collect as many as you can. The chest rarities are Eerie, Scary and Phasmophobia and can contain items up to a protection 10 unbreaking 10 armour set.

    Loot chests will spawn around the warzone containing items ranging from enchantment books to bedrock to a Silverfish Spawner.

    The Phantom Overlord can be visited at /warp Phantom. When defeated he drops a Ghoster rank but beware, he is near impossible.




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